Premium calendar management for companies with multiple brands

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Anyone who needs to streamline more than 20 calendars with less than 20 people will already know the headache this causes; this is the pain we solve. Whether 1 person has 50 calendars, or 15 people have 400, our unique integration solves this unique pain point.

One Login

One login gets you immediate access to your dashboard where you can manage multiple brands from.

Multiple User Accounts

You can set up various hierarchies and granular permission levels.

99% Uptime

Using Amazon SES Servers, guarantees an uptime of 99%

Google Calendar Integration

We have native deep integration with Google Calendar, GSuite, and Google Workspace.

We work with

MVP Brands

Funded Startups

Multi-channel Orgs

Digital Agencies

Pricing starts at $1,000/mo, inquire within

Affordable Pricing Packages

$1000 / MONTH


Limit 50 Calendars

2 Users

24 Hour Support

$2,500 / MONTH


150 Calendars

10 Users

24 Hour Support

$5,000 / MONTH


Unlimited Calendars

Unlimited Users

24 Hour Support

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